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    Ilias Mou

     Ilias Mouzourakis

    Ilias was born and grew up in Rhodes, Greece. He is a preschool teacher and has completed his postgraduate studies in Environmental Science. Once he was introduced into Tango, he was enchanted. In 2011 he created RodosTango and since then he has been teaching and sharing knowledge, experiences as well as the philosophy of the Argentine tango through courses and practicas. As a host and dj he organizes on a weekly basis Tango nights, milonga “La Nochera” and big events with participants from different places around the world. He travels very often to play music as DJ, to dance and attend courses initiated by the most important tango instructors. His aspiration is to make known and further tango, to offer knowledge and promote the personality of the dancers through their tango dancing in the context of communication and respect.